Monday, 3 February 2014

Top Valid Reasons to Choose Serviced Apartments over 5 Star Hotels

Whether you’re on a family holiday or business trip, serviced apartments are the perfect thing to opt for. Since they’re basically cheaper than 5 or 3 start hotels, they make long stays more economical or affordable. Every traveler certainly deserves a safe and comfortable place to put up during a excursion. A safe and cozy accommodation is highly essential for enjoying your family trip, vacation with friends, or business excursion. In case you’re looking for a convenient and economical accommodation, going for a serviced apartment is highly advisable.

Serviced apartments – What are the core benefits?

  • Reasonably priced accommodation
When traveling, you may consider putting up in a hotel. Nevertheless, 5 or 3 start hotel rooms are highly expensive. If you put up in a hotel for several weeks or days, it may cost you loads of cash. In case you’re with your friends, family or colleagues, it’s even more expensive. When putting up in a service apartment in Kolkata, there’s no need to worry about your budget. These apartments or penthouses are available at cost-effective prices.

  • Comfortable and safe
Just because it’s a cheaper accommodation, it doesn’t mean that it’s an unsafe place to live in. As a matter of fact, these penthouses are economical yet safe enough to have composure and serenity right through your stay. Besides, these apartments are a comfortable accommodation for every traveler. These accommodations are generally furnished with the required appliances and amenities that you need on a day-to-day basis.  

  •  Absolute liberty
Putting up in a guest house near Park Street in Kolkata provides you sufficient freedom and space to do anything you want. For example, you can prepare your meal, clean the utensils, do the washing, or any other thing that you generally do at home.

  • Exclusive amenities
These furnished and equipped penthouses offer exclusive amenities for everybody. Some of these basic amenities are – gymnasium, swimming pool, spa and outhouse entertainment. This helps you in enjoying a great time during your stay.